Monday, April 19, 2010


Pictures ,they say , says a thousand words. This is absolutely true. A visual perspective of things makes it easier to make messages come across. Even for me, there is a such a difference with pictures and words. That is why i sometimes I prefer looking at just pictures and don't mind reading the words anymore.

This are some of the sites that I check up on to just view pictures: (These are also my top favorites :) )

The Big Picture-
The Big Picture is part of the Boston Globe. It is news in pictures.There is always a staggering amount of emotion in it. especially since it covers news. I love his pictures because I still get updated with world headlines minus the long boring articles.

The Satorialist-
This is actually more of a fashion blog but since it has minimum words, I've always thought of it as a photoblog. I love this site because with it i can learn about different people and their sense of style.      

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