Monday, April 19, 2010

How to start you're day wrong

Wanna know how to start your day wrong??

Here's a few tips:

  1. Forget to set up your alarm.
  2. Wake up late.
  3. Take a very brief, very cold shower.
  4. Linger on deciding what to wear because you don't have any!
  5. Eat a breakfast you don't like.
  6. Be scolded for being late.
  7. Fall in a long line at the MRT and LRT ticket booths
  8. Be elbowed by unloading passengers.
  9. Sit/Stand next to a ill-smelling person on the train. 
  10. Chase the opening of the doors of the train.
  11. Forget your school id.
  12. Attend your first class on time only to find out its free cut and find out your next class is 6 hours away.
  13. Remind yourself of all the work you have to do that day.
 Thought: Nakarelate ka noh??!!

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