Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Greenbelt Day

Po-post ko lang po yung pictures namin nung last last Sunday sa Greenbelt. we went there to celebrate the mass. Dapat nga sa Araneta kamin pupunta kaso tinamad na si Mama magbiyahe. Kaya yun, inikot ko na naman ang Greenbelt.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ecocamp Journal Part 1

Eto na poh, sinipag na po ako magkwento tungkol sa Ecocamp. Sori po natagalan ganyan talaga kapag tamad! hehehe.

Day 1

This was May 27. Our call time was at 7 am at the South Gate. I arrived at exactly at 7. Pag dating ko dun, nandun na yung mga nakilala ko the day before nung orientation. sila Cheer, Jessica, Peter,Carissa at Danielle. Yung iba naming kasama later ko pa nakilala. When I arrived, i really thought I was late, I was sort of scared because they said that the van will leave at exactly 7 whether you are there or not. But surprise, we actually left at 8 am due to a late comer among our group. We waited for so long that we decided to just eat breakfast at McDo to not waste time. After eating, we left already. There were fifteen of us in the van. I sat at the back of the van beside Danielle. At first, me and Danielle were chatting about various topics but along the way she felt sleepy and rested. And I was left reading a novel I brought, Sacred Sins by Nora Roberts. I eventually felt sleepy too and napped. When I woke up we were already at Paseo. I did not know that DLS-Canlubang was actually near our former village, Sta. Rosa village. Seeing the place brought a lot of memories for me. Memories like walking to the park, riding the bicycle, picking alatiris and makopa, stuff we used to do when we were there for the weekend.

Around 9 or 10 ( can't remember ), we arrived at the campus. It was so wide and open and big. Parang at first you will really be overwhelmed by the place. It was surrounded by trees and their buildings are gorgeous. When we arrived at the registration booth, we found out that our school was the first to arrive besides DLS-Canlubang. That gave us time to introduce ourselves to each other, most importantly because we represent the same school. Unti- unti na ring nagsipagdatingan ang ibang school. At first of course we  tend to stick with our school. The first person I met was Kuya Asher, he was very enthusiastic about meeting everyone. I learned that he was actually an alumnus of DLSU-Manila and is now continuing his studies at HSI. One thing that I remember from meeting him was that he wanted to call me Keith because he says our names are way almost too similar. When every school already arrived we were tasked to introduce ourselves and tell one secret about us, mine was that I was a San Antonio Spurs fan. 

After the introductions, they pasted this little paper on our foreheads that has something written on it. Of course we were told not to peek but we did so. We just couldn't help our selves. When everyone was done introducing themselves, we had to find other people who also belonged to the same environment as yourself, ( this was what was written on the paper on our foreheads), again we were told not to speak and again we broke that rule. For me it was easy to find my environment because mine was Sahara so obviously it was the desert.Unlike the others whose environment was tundra and something else I cant' remember again. After grouping ourselves according to our environment,   we were told to bring out the piece of a puzzle that was placed on our ID necklaces and group ourselves according to that color. Our group was violet. We had 5 member on the group,Kenneth, Bori, Blanche. Mark and Me. The puzzle was actually a star. We did not have a hard time putting it together except for a few pieces. We eventually pulled through. 

After a short picture taking session per school we had our merienda. During the merienda , Kuya Asher played "psychologist" and tried to read our personalities. It was fascinating to watch but annoying to be the one who was being "interogatted". Thankfully, he didn't turn his attention to me but rather to Cheer and Elo and Hecky. According to them, what he said was true. Feeling ko nakukuha niya yung sinasabi niya sa kinikilos nila. Kasi 'di ba may ganun? One movement can be interpreted by a person and thats what he was basically doing. Tama ba ??!!!  Pero kasi kahit alam mong may ganung explanation dun minsan na kakasakit rin ng feelings. Parang kay Danielle, sabihan ka ba namang "bland"??!! Ang gandang description sa girl  di ba, bland.

 So pagkatapos naming kumain, nagset-up na kami ng tent per tribe. It was my first time to set up a tent. We even had a problem with it, because we thought that the tent was not enough for us but thankfully the host school provided some more tent. So for our tribe we had two tent. Medyo natagalan kaming magset-up ng tent kasi  kulang kulang yung parts ng tent.

After  maset-up ng tent, we had to think of a name for our tribe. Again, we had a hard time thinking of a name. And just settled for Vio Rangers. There were really no creative bone in our tribe.! Some of the teachers of HSI  even pitched in some names for tus to get moving because we still had a lot to do. So after the name, we created our flag. It was simple in design. But  it took us quite sometime mixing paints, ( we only had  red, yellow and green) to have the color violet.  And as usual a kind soul help our tribe again, this time it was personified by Kuya Migs, the first-aider.

Since,  it took us a lot of time finding a name and doing the flag. We  were really crunched for time when we practiced our chant. Our performance, if I may say so myself, didn't turn out half bad considering our lack of practice. But compared to other performances of other tribes ours was really simple and uncreative. I had a lot of fun watching the other tribes. Their chants and dances were really funny and creative. The day eventually ended with the tribes raising our flags.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dahil ako po ay tinatamad mag-relay ng story ng mga nangyari, pictures na lang ipopost ko.

Pictures Post

Shots that I have not posted yet

Back of the Gazebo at School


Flowers again :D