Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good lighting + Good Location = Happiness

This post is about a "shoot" me and Irish had.

We had to shoot her for her audition for something, which didn't come through because if time issues.
That day was spent around campus, shooting. i think I made three post with pictures just that day.
Just when I was on the edge of my "creative" mind, we found this place on the side of on of the buildings at school that was just PERFECT. Why was it perfect you ask. Well, one if because it was just what we were trying to find, for that unique pictures we want.It called for edgy clothing unfortunately we weren't able to deliver since Irish was dressed like a 'hippie' and me, I was dress more for the-behind-the-camera.Second, is because the lighting was so good. The light hit all the right spot, hitting all the things we wanted it to showcase. I've always thought lighting was a very important aspect in photography. Now I'm trying to recall where I learned that. :P 
Third, was the air. It was a really small space and when the air blew, it really blew! It was such a magnificent addition to our shoot.It gave the edge we were wanting.

Unfortunately, just when I was so excited to view all the pictures on my laptop did I found out that the pictures were not in good quality as it seemed in the camera. Oh well... BTW these are all pictures of Irish because I did not want to post my pictures here :P

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