Friday, March 5, 2010

Repos:(Myspace Blog, May 12, 2008) Oral Exam

Had such a laugh with this one...gosh...hahaha

Me enter.
Ms. Fabian: Oh, Keith Ashley.
Sir Rudy: Kaw na huli?
Ms. Fabian: 1...2...3...4...19...
                   Okay Keith Ashley here's your question.

Question: If you were the president of the Philippines how will you deal with the issueses/crisis in your country?

If I were the President...Uhm... I will stay strong. I will not shatter between the issueses. I will keepdoingmy job as a president. I will also not stop media coverage of the issueses because I believe the media should be the source of information and they should tell the truth.  Just like the ZTE deal, I will let them investigate. Because I know they will never be satisfied unless something is proven. If ever I wasproven guilty of anything I did wrong then I will surrender myself to any punishment they think I deserve. That's all Thank you.

Ms. Fabian: That's all Keith Ashley.
Me: Ms.that's all?!
Ms.Fabian: Yes, thank you.
Me: O...okay....????

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