Friday, March 5, 2010

Repost: (Myspace Blog) March 8,2008

I was watching this show the buzz and they were interviewing judy ann santos, gretchen and claudine barreto and ruffa gutuierezz( i dont know the right spelling of ruffas surname!) and boy abunda ask them what for them is beauty.

So i decided to asnwer that question in my own perception!

Beauty is when someone has that inner beauty.When that person knows who he/she really is and she doesnt pretend to be someone else.

It doesnt matter if you have flaws, everyone has them! As long as your confident and you know you are not hurting anybody with your action then you are beautiful!
Clothes and all that first reaction only partially affect how other people see you. It is how you bring yourself, how you carry yourself. You may be wearing a 100 pesos shirt, you can still make it look like it cost thousands of money with the right attitude!

And always remember just to cherish every moment!! Be happy and have fun and you'll definitely look BEAUTIFUL!

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