Saturday, March 6, 2010

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So its January 3 2010 right now here. Wooohooo!!!

Anyways. I'm just bored and decided to blog again. Jejeje

Recap of my 2009.

Highlights would probably be my vacation at Bacolod.
We went there to visit my grandmother, at first my dad doesn't want to go because of the expenses but since it's my 18th birthday he agreed to go.
Another highlight was the first time me and irish went to the movies. We watch Fame. Though we thought we didn't get our money's worth, it was fun to be with each other.

Another highlight would be all the travels we had to do for our projects. Jejeje...
I've always wanted to travel and so i really enjoyed all the time visiting different places for our projects. Maybe I'll post some pics when we went to Talaba, Cavite. 

My favorite teachers were, Sir Hernan, ethics professor
. He has this way of making ethical issues relatable. It also helps that he always jokes around. But he almost actually gave us a scare when he fainted in the classroom. Whooo...that was a first.

Another great teacher I encountered was Lem. Yep...he doesn't wanna be called "Sir Lem". He was really intelligent and fun. He teaches as if we were just in a friendly conversation. By the way he teaches us SOCTEC which stands for Science, Technology and Society.

The major bummer for 2009 was that I failed 2 subjects. It totally sucks!!!!!
Im just gonna have to do better this year.

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