Sunday, April 4, 2010


Now to a happy post.

One the things that I indulge on is a website called " Shopstyle".
Shopstyle is a shopping site for every necessities most especially clothes.
Came about this site when we were benchmarking e-commerce sites.
Since then I got hooked up with this site not because I shop online ( impossible since I don't have a credit card + its so mahal ), but because they have this feature where in you can create looks.
A look is like a whole outfit that you choose yourself.I like creating looks because .... I'm not sure why.
Maybe because deep in my subconscious I want to be a stylist or maybe because I'm weird and random :P or maybe because deep inside I wish I had those things. Though some of the looks I do is something I will never wear, I just think there cute :))

Here are the looks I made:

Thought: Aren't I just random??!! And oh yeah, yes I always stick to monochromatic feel.

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