Friday, April 9, 2010


Noriter is this really cool cafe near DLSU-M.

Its really artsy and its like totally out of Korea.There's so much trinket there that is just so adorable :))
What I really like about this place is the atmosphere it givesside of course for the free electricity and wifi :P. And of course the fact that we can spend a day there and just order tea. Its so cosy there even the sits make you feel like you can spend your whole day there.

Here are some pictures I took when we did our project there, unfortunately there was this rotating brownout happening and we had to find another place :(

Sa labas pa lang dami ng makikita, an example is this "picture tree". The cup is done by a friend.

A closer look

Art on the door

A drawing on the wall outside of Noriter
Trinkets that can be found inside. Aren't they so cute??!!

Some of their seating area :)

Thought: Ang kuripot namen noh?? Isang araw nandun tapos tea lang??!! Hahaha :D

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Maureen_Manuel said...

di yun kuriputan, it's being practical and saving money :P