Monday, March 8, 2010


Yesterday, me and my mom and my cousin Ate Bael went to Serendra/Bonifacio High Street.
there were so many people there maybe because it was so freaking hot in our households. can you believe it was almost 40 degrees?

Haiii,,,,climate change  nga naman. 

Anyways, BHS was really beautiful. My mom and my cousin just sat around and chat. While I just people watch. Its so nakakatuwa tingnan the people around with their dogs and stuff.

Saw this one guy who looks like a foreigner with his ,I think, pug. They were so cute together. He is obviously smitten with his pet.It really was an awe moment for me, for a guy to openly adore his little dog is so adorable.


There were so many people walking their dogs at BHS. I saw this really fluffy dog with his/her Korean owner. They came to meet their friends there. Unfortunately I couldn't stop and take a pic because we were walking already.

Here are some of the pics I took:

The Unglamorous side of having Pets 


While my mom and my cousin was chatting time away I went to Fully Booked store. Haaa....I was in heaven and hell.

The place is SO BIG! it was a four story building just in the corner of Bonifacio High Street housing the largest selection of books, novels and even comics and mangas.

Whenever I go there I feel so little and disappointed cause I want ALL of the books yet I can't afford one( for now!). So I'm stuck wishing to have something like this someday...

Thought: Don't you just hate it if a place makes you dream and wakes you up in reality???

PS. This flower fell in my lap :) So beautiful

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