Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've been ram-aging through my book shelf ( because I was bored :) )and found my very extensive batch of collection.

This post is meant to take note of my very vast collection starting with:

1. stationary papers. When I was in grade school, my school was really near a school supplies tore. It's name was Soliven. They sell this bunch of very pretty papers with scents. I just adore them. I use to ask my relatives to give me really unique ones. Funny thing is I've never really wrote on them. And I don't know where they all went to :(

2. Stickers. Along with the stationary's Soliven also used to sell stickers. I don't know if it was just IN or something but at that moment there were a lot of stores in malls that specializes on stickers. Good for me ha :) I really love stickers with glitters with them. I know typical female right??

3. Native bracelets. Hahaha....there's this really unique bracelets that they sell here in the Philippines. Its kind of embroidered and has different sayings on it. Its just all so colorful.I really love those. Then we use to have this bracelets that you have to get wet first before it can fit in your wrist.

4. Earrings. Yup...I used to collect earrings too. Studs to be sure. In every color possible. And yup...don't know where they went ( again)

5. Sparkly hair accessories. They use to really complement my hair so I stuck to them. Before I knew it I had enough for a mini-collection. Again don't know where they went.

6. Bags. Some girls have a fetish on shoes I have a fetish on bags. unfortunately due to monetary values I've come to my practicality and only chose bags which I can afford and is cut

7. Rings. I think i've collected every possible kind of jewelry except necklaces and that's only because I feel choked with them. So it comes to no surprise I used to collect rings too. Would still continue to collect them if only I had financial stability.

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